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List of translations: colourless

Dictionary: czech colourless
Translations: bezbarvý, bezkrevný, bledý, neutrál, neutrum
colourless in czech »
Dictionary: german
Translations: blass, bleich, farblos, grau, fade, sächlich
colourless in german »
Dictionary: danish
Translations: gusten
colourless in danish »
Dictionary: spanish
Translations: descolorido, incoloro, soso, neutro
colourless in spanish »
Dictionary: french
Translations: achromatique, achrome, couleurs, décoloré, incolore, pâle, terne, neutre
colourless in french »
Dictionary: italian
Translations: pallido, scolorato, scolorito, neutrale, neutro
colourless in italian »
Dictionary: norwegian
Translations: fargeløs, gusten, intetkjønn, nøytrum
colourless in norwegian »
Dictionary: russian
Translations: бесцветен, бесцветный, бледный
colourless in russian »
Dictionary: swedish
Translations: black, färglös, neutral
colourless in swedish »
Dictionary: estonian
Translations: kahvatu
colourless in estonian »
Dictionary: finnish
Translations: haalistunut, kalpea, väritön
colourless in finnish »
Dictionary: polish
Translations: bezbarwny, nijaki
colourless in polish »
Dictionary: hungarian
Translations: semmilyen
colourless in hungarian »
Dictionary: portuguese
Translations: neutro
colourless in portuguese »

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