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List of translations: hone

Dictionary: czech hone
Translations: brus, brousit, bystřit, mířit, nabrousit, namířit, naostřit, obtáhnout, ostřit, přiostřit, vybrousit, zacílit, zahrotit, zaostřit, zašpičatit
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Dictionary: german
Translations: abziehstein, schleifstein, wettstreite, abziehen, schärfen, schleifen, spitzen
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Dictionary: spanish
Translations: muela, afilar, aguzar, amolar, vaciar
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Dictionary: french
Translations: affiloire, aiguisoir, dalle, meule, queue, queux, acérer, affiler, affûter, aiguiser, meuler, pointer
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Dictionary: norwegian
Translations: bryne, slipestein, egg, kant, kvesse, rand, skjerpe, skorpa, slipe, vissa
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Dictionary: russian
Translations: оселок, острить, точить
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Dictionary: swedish
Translations: bryne, egg, kant, rand, skärpa, slipa, spetsa, vässa
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Dictionary: finnish
Translations: myllynkivi, hioa, teroittaa
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Dictionary: hungarian
Translations: fenőkő, levágni, megnyírni, élesítés
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Dictionary: portuguese
Translations: moela, acerar, afiar, afilar, aguçar, amolar, tornear
hone in portuguese »
Dictionary: polish
Translations: osełka, ostrzyć
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Dictionary: danish
Translations: kant, rand
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Dictionary: italian
Translations: acuire, acutizzare, affilare, aguzzare, arrotare, puntare
hone in italian »
Dictionary: belarusian
Translations: вастрыць, тачыць
hone in belarusian »
Dictionary: greek
Translations: ακονίζω
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Dictionary: croatian
Translations: brusiti, oštriti
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Dictionary: ukrainian
Translations: гострити, загострити, загостріть, наточити, точити
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