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List of translations: non-claim

Dictionary: czech non-claim
Translations: nařízení, předpis, promlčení, recept
non-claim in czech »
Dictionary: german
Translations: verjährung, verordnung
non-claim in german »
Dictionary: spanish
Translations: prescripción
non-claim in spanish »
Dictionary: french
Translations: caducité, péremption, prescription
non-claim in french »
Dictionary: italian
Translations: prescrizione
non-claim in italian »
Dictionary: russian
Translations: просрочка
non-claim in russian »
Dictionary: finnish
Translations: ohje
non-claim in finnish »
Dictionary: hungarian
Translations: elévülés
non-claim in hungarian »
Dictionary: slovak
Translations: obmedzenia
non-claim in slovak »
Dictionary: polish
Translations: przedawnienie
non-claim in polish »

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