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List of translations: soup

Dictionary: czech soup
Translations: polévka
soup in czech »
Dictionary: german
Translations: suppe
soup in german »
Dictionary: danish
Translations: suppe
soup in danish »
Dictionary: spanish
Translations: potaje, sopa
soup in spanish »
Dictionary: french
Translations: bisque, bouillabaisse, dépotage, popote, potage, soupe
soup in french »
Dictionary: italian
Translations: minestra, minestrone, zuppa
soup in italian »
Dictionary: norwegian
Translations: suppe
soup in norwegian »
Dictionary: russian
Translations: суп
soup in russian »
Dictionary: swedish
Translations: supne
soup in swedish »
Dictionary: albanian
Translations: supë
soup in albanian »
Dictionary: belarusian
Translations: зацірка, крупнік, суп
soup in belarusian »
Dictionary: estonian
Translations: supp
soup in estonian »
Dictionary: finnish
Translations: keitto, liemi, soppa
soup in finnish »
Dictionary: greek
Translations: σούπα
soup in greek »
Dictionary: hungarian
Translations: leves
soup in hungarian »
Dictionary: lithuanian
Translations: sriuba
soup in lithuanian »
Dictionary: portuguese
Translations: sopa
soup in portuguese »
Dictionary: slovenian
Translations: juha
soup in slovenian »
Dictionary: slovak
Translations: polievka
soup in slovak »
Dictionary: ukrainian
Translations: бульйон, суп, суповий, юшка
soup in ukrainian »
Dictionary: polish
Translations: zupa
soup in polish »

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